New efforts to match newly arrived ICT talents with employers in Stockholm on the 29th of September

IT&Telekomföretagen (Swedish IT and Telecom Industries), together with Sigma IT Consulting and, invites asylum seeking ICT talents, as well as ICT employers, to a matchmaking meeting in Stockholm on the 29th of September. Welcome to register!

During the past winter and spring, various efforts have been made to put asylum seeking, and other recently arrived, persons with an ICT background in contact with employers in need of competence. Among these, commendable efforts by organisations such as LinkedIn, SIPU/Sync Accelerator and IVA. We, IT&Telekomföretagen, tried do our part by arranging a matchmaking meeting in association with the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) in April.

Still it seems we have not yet found ”The” method to really succeed in creating these valuable points of contact. One year after the big influx of asylum seekers, we still have a very vague picture of the actual number of asylum seekers with an ICT background, as well as to what extent they have skills in programming – the one skill Swedish employers are in the strongest need of.

However, we still believe there is a lot to gain here. Therefore we intend to make a new effort to reach our newly arrived ICT talents and match them with employers in need of ICT competence. To begin with we have, in partnership with Sigma IT Consulting and Kattis, prepared for a meeting on 29 September (9-11 a.m.) in Stockholm. The meeting will start with presentations by participating ICT employers, followed by individual meetings between talents and company representatives.

Talents wanting to participate, learn more about the set up of the meeting and please register here.

Employers wanting to participate, learn more and please register here.

All we need now are participants! Register yourself and/or please help spread the word and the links above! Hopefully this will be the first of many succesful matchmaking meetings, in benefit for both newly arrived Swedes and the Swedish ICT industry.